About us

Colleges of physicians and surgeons Mumbai is more than 108 years old postgraduate medical examination body and we are proud to be its alumni.

We want to spread the awareness of cps post graduate doctors services as an intermediate level specialist at peripheral levels ( district and taluka places ) And their dedicated contributions in improving the health care indices of our nation . Making Government of India and respective state Governments aware about our uninterrupted & timely services of CPS POSTGRADUATES DOCTORS (diploma & fellowship ) towards humanity.

Our Aim & Objectives

1.To Facilitates the communication and to enhance the bridging between the authorities of Cps counsel and present students and alumni of CPS.

2.To provide all sort of assistance as and when required by college of physician and surgeons ,mumbai.

3.To organise in hand holding medical camps for medical under guidance of govt. authorities and authorities of college of Physicians and surgeons mumbai for medical relief during epidemics and in times of disaster , as and when required .

4.. To make it available the knowledge gained during PG training for benefits the patients and serving society.

5.To help government by making the CPS doctor ( all facilities) available in remote part of India as and when required by college of Physicians and surgeons,mumbai .

6. To help government ( UNION / any state ) to facilitate the development of policies/laws related for benefits of community .

7. To promote use of medical and allied sciences in all their different branches ,for the promotion of public health, health education , awareness program ,preventive healthcare , national program and along with medical education in India.

8. To make the education status worthy and the honour and dignity to uphold the interest of the medical profession and to promote co-operation amongst the members .

9.To promote and enhance publication of the clinical data rationally in journals, paper presentation in research format and making it available for all doctor fraternity and students .

10.To provide Rational platform in solving the challenges faced by CPS aspiring , Registared CPS students and alumni across the country.

11.To arrange periodical meeting , seminars , discussion and conferences of Cps doctor and students in the interest of Aims and objectives as mentioned above

Our Team


DR Dyaneshwar kadam



DR Amol Annadate

Vice President


DR Snehal Badjate

General Secretary


DR Pratik Joshi

Joint Secretary


DR Amol Samrit

Joint Secretary


DR Swati Pawar

Joint Secretary


DR Abhay Kadam